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Clos Bellevue :
Provence is often associated with the sweetness of olive oil and the freshness of Rosé, which is why we have been producing them ourselves for years. Clos Bellevue's olive oil and Rosé are made according to traditional know-how on the family's land.

Home made jams with fruits from our own garden :
Our famous watermelon jam as well as orange, kumquat, quince, prune, etc.

Products from our exclusive brand, « Senteur » :
Perfume, soap, shower gel, perfumed candle, etc.
All of them created especially for us by our collaborator and friend, Mr. Pierre Bourdon (the creator of famous perfumes such as Davidoff's « Cool Water » and « Dolce Vita » by Christian Dior, among others).

Natsuc - Sweet by Nature :
The well-being of our guests is essential for us, which is why we have created and chosen to use Natsuc in all our desserts. This perfect alternative to sugar is plant-based, made from birch bark extract (xylitol) and sourced from an environmentally responsible Finnish forest.
Natsuc is low in calories and has a glycaemic index of only 7, so you can enjoy delicious treats without any health consequences. Indulge yourself and enjoy your health with Natsuc, the perfect everyday dietary solution, to enjoy at home and to take home with you!