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In the expert hands of Catherine and her team, you will discover the benefits of the most renowned massages in the world, such as neuromuscular massage, Renata França method massages, Belly Revolution massage or massage for pregnant women.  

La Maison Fleurs de Coton will also offer you its best beauty and anti-aging treatments. The opportunity for you to discover the benefits of face lifting massage, the effects of which are increased tenfold thanks to the use of Olivier Claire brand products, the Japanese Kobido facial massage, or the Olivier Claire major moisturizing beauty treatment to relax the features. and rejuvenate facial skin.  

Open from April 7 to October 15, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. by appointment.  

NB: people not residing at the hotel La Ferme d'Augustin can also have access to treatments. 
“Come and discover the know-how of Maison Fleurs de Coton, a Swiss beauty institute, at the Ferme d’Augustin. »  

Maison Fleurs de Coton was founded in Geneva in 2012 by Catherine Cerezo, a therapist who has won several awards in international competitions. Since then, Catherine has surrounded herself with renowned practitioners capable of providing you with solutions adapted to your needs because personalization, technique and result are the guidelines that allow them to offer you a variety of treatments and massages always more in-depth.

Also, the Maison Fleurs de Coton has decided to export to Saint-Tropez in order to bring you all its expertise and know-how in terms of therapeutic treatments and facial treatments. It is with pleasure that the Ferme d'Augustin welcomes the team of the Maison Fleurs de Coton within its walls.



“A stay to relax body and mind”

"The Maison Fleurs de Coton and the Ferme d'Augustin also offer Wellness weekends, an opportunity for you to treat yourself to a relaxing break that will be good for both your body and your mind. »

Catherine and her team, accompanied by Marie Trapezaroff, a renowned personal trainer in Geneva, will be there for you for a weekend. With them you will enjoy the combination of the gentleness of yoga, the energy of Pilates and the benefits of massage.

• Arrival on Friday, late afternoon or evening. When you arrive, enjoy a muscle relaxation session with Marie, before enjoying your evening meal at the Ferme d’Augustin.  

• On Saturday morning, you will live the magical experience of waking up your body and greeting the sun facing the sea. You can then wander around the Saint Tropez market to get drunk on the scents of Provence.

• Later in the day, as you wish, try Pilates exercises and “functional training” to learn how to move and mobilize your body.

• On Sunday morning, start the day gently with a sunrise greeting on the beach. Then, a delicious meal will be served at Augustin's table to end your stay.

• Take advantage of a half-board stay: Friday evening meal, Saturday evening meal (Saturday lunch at the Saint-Tropez market), and Sunday lunch. For optimal relaxation, you will have access to the swimming pool heated to 30 degrees and its hydromassage course. Throughout your stay, you will enjoy body and face care at Maison Fleurs de Coton. 

Dates of Wellness Weekends:
• July: 3, 4 and 5 (weekdays)
• September: 7, 8, 9 and 10

Book your Wellness Weekend by email


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