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La Ferme d'Augustin offers items that we have carefully selected
• Products from the Authentic Hotels & Cruises
• NATSUC working sugar and its CONFINAT jams for a reasoned and reasonable pleasure
• So "Tropezian" beach items
• Our LE CLOS BELLEVUE wine and olive oil

Authentic Hotels  "exclusive by Pierre Bourdon"  

La Ferme d'Augustin, part of the Authentic Hotels & Cruises, as such we offer you an olfactory experience with Candle, home fragrance, ... which will allow you to transport yourself here by closing your eyes once you return home.


Natsuc Sweet by Nature

At La Ferme d'Augustin, the well-being of our customers is essential to us, which is why we have created and chosen to use Natsuc in all our desserts. This perfect alternative to sugar is of vegetable origin, made from birch bark extract (xylitol) and from an eco-responsible Finnish forest.

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Clos Bellevue

We often associate Provence with the sweetness of olive oil and the freshness of Rosé, which is why we have been producing them ourselves for years. Clos Bellevue olive oil and Rosé are made according to traditional know-how on family land.


Confinat by Natsuc

So that you can treat yourself to gourmet pleasures without consequences for your health, Natsuc stands out for its low calories and a glycemic index of only 7. Do yourself good by indulging yourself with Natsuc, the daily dietary solution par excellence. , to taste with us but also to take home!

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